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There's something going around...
Coughs and sneezes spread diseases
Cold and flu season



As a parent, as soon as you hear "back to school" your mind instantly goes straight to the typical checklist;

Uniform? Tick! Shoes? Tick! Stationery? Tick!

But have you considered their immunity?

There’s no hiding from the fact that we’re heading towards winter and with that comes the infamous "cold and flu season." You can bet that those dreaded germs will spread quicker than you can say ‘Achoo’ as soon as your child enters the classroom... there's always something going around!

...send them back to school healthy, protected and strong.

Lipolife® formulations, deliver nutrients directly to the cells, ensuring much higher absorption.



Back to School

It’s that time of year again, the Summer holidays are coming to an end and parents take secret, guilty pleasure in the fact children are going back to school and the house can be returned to some form of order.

Routines are back in place, homework is on the agenda with many children facing exams and coursework in the year ahead and first year University students set out on their own with instructions from Mum on how to cook a boiled egg and the importance of separating your coloured washing.

If the Summer holidays are over, then Autumn is just round the corner and Winter isn’t far behind. What about the dreaded, inevitable winter bug that has disruptive plans for you and your family? Call it “cold and flu season”, call it “Freshers Flu”, call it “that bug that’s going around,” these viruses can disrupt the well-oiled routine and impact the whole household.

That bug may be dreaded but it doesn’t necessarily have to be inevitable; it’s time to meet your own personal immunity warriors....

The Enemy

Think of infections as marauding enemy combatants looking to attack your body by invading your healthy cells, setting up camp, making themselves comfortable and spreading their germs.


Think of your immune system as your own, personalised, micro-sized army which acts as your first, second and last line of defence.  If your immune system is not functioning as it should, it means your soldiers haven’t got the energy or equipment to prevent an invasion and the enemy can successfully turn your body into a chaotic, bacterial battleground.


It’s up to you to strengthen your micro-sized immunity army and prepare them for battle.


Your immunity army is composed of your innate and adaptive immune system.
These exist as a complex array of millions of different cells. A successful army is made up of soldiers with different skill sets; infantry, engineers, tactical support, frontline attack and your immune system is no different. Immune cells are born in bone marrow from a single type of cell; hematopoietic stem cells. These cells have the ability to evolve with many developing into the “infantry” white blood cells, whilst others are recruited for a far bigger purpose and become specialised cells. These cells are divided between the innate and adaptive immunity and take on particular roles.

Some specialised cells include T and B-Lymphocytes and Natural-Killer-Cells which are experts in tracking invaders using a process known as opsonization, essentially hunting the virus or bacteria and identifying them to the attack team.


Other cells such as macrophages, neutrophils and dendritic cells are experts in the phagocytosis of many harmful pathogens; in your immunity army, they are the specialist hunters that track and eat bacteria and viruses.  They even have the ability to recognise future attacks from the same enemy to prevent further invasions.  Impressive.


Your immunity soldiers have the same mission statement.

The cells communicate and work together collectively to achieve a unified goal;


To track and destroy potential enemy infiltrators.


If your immunity army is looking after you, who’s looking after the army?

You.  You are your body’s Ministry of Defence.  You are in charge.
By eating the right foods, exercising, sleeping enough and generally maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can keep your immune system in peak condition.

It’s time to be honest, not all of us support our immune system in the way we should.  Many of us think our immune system looks after itself so the Ministry of Defence is abandoned. Instead of being prepared, if a virus strikes, we break out a standard over-the-counter pharmaceutical retaliation and hope for the best.  Your retaliation attack is medication which likely contains pain relief and decongestants; you take it, you feel better, problem solved, enemy defeated…? Perhaps not.  Whilst prescription medications such as antibiotics are undoubtedly important and can significantly speed up the rate of infection clearance, over-the-counter cold and flu remedies only smooth over the battleground, ultimately your immune system is still on the frontline facing any future attacks.


Your nutrition intake can drastically impact your ability to fight infections.

The nutrients in your diet or more significantly, the nutrients lacking in your diet, literally support or suppress your immune system having a direct impact on your overall health and wellbeing.

Ensuring your immune system is firing on all fronts is key to keeping you fit and healthy.


On average, children across Europe will contract between six and twelve infections per year whilst adults will get between two and five infections per year.

That is a lot of potential sick days and disruption for the whole family so it’s important to do what you can to safeguard against any potential threats.


High doses of Vitamin C increase a protein messenger in your immunity army called “interferon.”  This molecule interferes with viral replication, helping to reduce the spread of enemy, viral cells in your body.  Vitamin C may also enhance your T-cell lymphocytes, one of a number of your expert hunter cells with intruder recognition capability.

Vitamin C supplementation can be taken as a prophylactic measure, meaning when taken regularly, it has a preventative benefit, keeping your army on high alert, which may decrease the likelihood of needing to reach for that quick-hit medication. Doses upward of 200mg a day are required to saturate Vitamin C levels in your body but higher doses of Vitamin C have also been found to be beneficial, sometimes necessary and completely harmless.
It is widely known that low Vitamin C intake causes suppression of immune function and increases the risk of infections.  An illness then increases Vitamin C turnover which compounds the problem; your immunity army lacks energy or fire power.

Vitamin C is highly concentrated in your immune cells so its no surprise that research has shown supplementation of 1g – 2g of Vitamin C per day can reduce the duration of common colds by up to 12% in adults and more significantly by up to 21% in children.

This suggests children could potentially be back to health and back to school a couple days sooner with Vitamin C in their arsenal.
As Ministry of Defence, taking 1g of Vitamin C per day to boost your immunity army against any potential invaders would be a wise policy decision.


Vitamin D encourages the development of your specialised, hematopoietic stem cells into phagocytic cells, your cunning, hunter cells which track and eat the enemy. Vitamin D supplementation has proven to be effective at enhancing adaptive immune function and is also associated with a lower chance of getting ill. Clinical trials have specifically shown that just 400IU of Vitamin D supplementation can be used as an effective preventative measure against respiratory tract infections and doses up to 4000IU may further increase the chances of remaining infection-free. Similar clinical trials involving children resulted in the same evidence, with supplementation of Vitamin D helping to ward off winter colds.

Vitamin D has proven its worth for children and adults but what about teenagers and in particular those fresh faced students heading off to university?  Again, research shows supplementation with 10,000IU of Vitamin D just once per week in young adults is effective at preventing airway infections. Those who have lower levels of Vitamin D also experience the greatest immune-boosting benefits when supplementing, indicating sufficient Vitamin D levels in the body is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system and keeping your immunity army fully prepped and ready for action.

Vitamin C and Vitamin D may well be the answer to those unforeseen sick days with regular supplementation being the healthier, more effective method of maintaining long-term immunity army success.



Lipolife® IMMUPOW is your ultimate defense weapon.


Encapsulating Vitamins C and D3 in protective bubbles to guarantee delivery into your cells, your immunity armed is fuelled, strengthened and ready to defend your body.











Combining high dose Vitamin C and Vitamin D3, this orange flavoured liposomal is ideal for daily dosing to keep the immune system boosted throughout the year.