There are many articles and websites that give recipes for making home made 'liposomal' products using ultrasonic jewellery cleaners and lecithin, it is unfortunately not that simple...

  • To make liposomes one requires very high quality phosphatidylcholine (PC) (a molecule from lecithin). Home brews are made with pure lecithin that contain very low amounts of phosphatidylcholine. Lipolife liposomals have a minimum of 200mg PC per 5ml.


  • In order to produce liposomes a machine is required that is powerful enough to obtain small enough nano-sized particles to be effective. Homemade liposomals will not produce liposomes that are small enough to be effective with very little of the nutrient actually being encapsulated. Lipolife liposomals have a particle (liposome) size distribution of between ~150nm and ~200nm.
  • Liposomes are unstable, this is one of the biggest challenges in the process. We use stabilised liposomes.

  • Liposomes, Vitamin C, Glutathione, etc are extremely unstable in the presence of oxygen. We go to great lengths to produce our products in the absence of oxygen.

Lipolife liposomals are produced in a European laboratory under HACCP conditions using all European non GMO ingredients.

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