It is a common misconception that a liposomal product in a bottle will not be as stable as a liposomal product in a sachet due to oxidation each time the bottle is opened.

We have addressed this concern with a series of meticulous independent studies and the results are very positive.

In this test we replicated consumer use over one month.

Two different bottles were prepared:

One bottle (A) stored at 20°C and one bottle (B) stored at 4°C.

The bottled products were opened and 50% of the product was poured out.


The bottles were then stored at the two designated temperatures.

During this time the bottles were exposed to air at various different intervals to mimic the usage of a typical consumer.

After 30 days, the contents were then analysed using two different analytical methods: an enzymatic and a chemical procedure and the levels recorded.

BottleAscorbic-acid concentration (mg) per 5 ml


It is clear from the results that after one month of storage and mimicking typical consumer use, the ascorbic acid concentration in bottles A and B decreased only very minimally.

It was concluded that the stability of the lipolife® liposomal solution is very good.

In addition it was also concluded from the test results that opening and using the bottle does not influence Vitamin C content.  This means that the product does not easily absorb oxygen from the air when exposed due to the specific way lipolife® is formulated.

In conclusion we establish from this test that it is not necessary to store liposomal products in sachets to maintain stability.

It is more cost effective and easier to dispense with a bottled product such as lipolife® whilst still maintaining quality, stability and efficacy.

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