lipolife liposomal supplements deliver nutrients using a revolutionary, micro-delivery system which maximises absorption and bioavailability. We use Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (LET), an exciting new delivery mechanism for oral supplements. LET is used to transmit nutrients to areas of the body where they are most needed.

Rarely does a brand come to the market that shifts standards, implements a vision and redefines all existing quality markers.


lipolife are a UK manufacturer of true liposomal formulas. Liposomal supplements offer much higher absorption of nutrients compared with standard supplements because they are formulated to protect the active ingredient in a micro-sized bubble - a liposome.

Think of a liposome as a tiny trojan horse but with good things inside.

A liposome is composed of the same material as your cells, recognised by your body and largely protected from the digestive process. Inside the liposome is the nutrient, happily making its way to your cells.


In 2020, we were awarded a prestigious KTP grant by Innovate UK; this highly contested grant is only presented to those companies who have extraordinary potential for innovation in their field. Through partnering with Anglia Ruskin University, the funding will enable the joint team to develop the most cutting-edge, technologically advanced improvements to liposomal encapsulation and truly establish lipolife as the authority in liposomal technology.

Adopting new and innovative practises and procedures to develop new liposomal products without compromising efficacy, will be transformational not just for the company but for the whole sector. Our vision is for lipolife to be a world-leading brand in liposomal formulations, renowned for providing top quality supplements backed by scientific research and clinical studies.

lipolife will put the UK firmly on the map as leading the charge in liposomal encapsulation technology.