Liposomal Glutathione
250ml (450mg/5ml) 

Your body's primary detoxifier, Glutathione status within the cells is a very good indicator of overall health. A potent antioxidant, typically poorly absorbed, Lipolife® Liposomal Glutathione ensures superior absorption.

Liposomal Glutathione

- A new class of bio-available supplements

- Micro-particle technology ensuring much higher absorption

- Lipolife Liposomal Glutathione is manufactured using specialised techniques to ensure product stability

- Supporting detoxification, immune health and skin health

Per 5ml serving
Reduced L-Glutathione450mg

Other ingredients
Phosphatidylcholine derived from non GMO soy lecithin, Water, Vitamin E (antioxidant), Potassium Sorbate (preservative), traces of Ethanol and Glycerol.

Shake before use. Take 0.5 - 1 teaspoon or more of Lipolife Liposomal Glutathione per day as recommended by your health care professional.

Can be mixed with water or juice to dilute

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