lipolife and Anglia Ruskin working in close partnership

Since being awarded a prestigious KTP grant by Innovate UK in 2020, we have developed our liposomal products further than we could have ever imagined. Formulations, homogenisation and encapsulation potential, led by Professor Mohammad Najlah, Professor of Pharmaceutics & Nanomedicine at Anglia Ruskin University, are at a market leading standard.
The future of our product line and moving the application of liposomal technology forward, is supported by a team of highly-skilled scientists: Dr. Sahrish Rehmani who executes the goals of the KTP project and is particularly focussed on improving product efficacy. Dr. Hanan Abdalmaula leads many of the new formulation projects, providing her experience and knowledge in guiding the formulation science team, and Formulation Scientist Ana-Maria Pereira who leads our vital research and comparative studies group.
The team are led by Professor Mohammad Najlah who has over 20 years of research experience in the field of liposomal encapsulation. In over 70 published papers, Professor Mohammad has focussed his interests on the fabrication of multifunctional nanomedicines for drug delivery application. He is a Fellow at Royal Society of Chemistry and the Pharmaceutical research lead at MTRC, ARU.

He says: This experience has been personally and professionally life-changing. Every session with lipolife we uncover something new. This has also meant a lot to our research team, who have been able to apply academic knowledge and bring true innovation to the business of supplements. Our shared passion for liposomal technology and furthering the science to create amazing products will continue to be the life-blood of this special relationship.

Where lipolife had already established a market-leading product, Professor Najlah’s guidance and his team’s scientific rigour have resulted in significant improvements in existing products and possibilities for new, more complex combination formulas.

The knowledge and expertise of the scientific team have resulted in an optimised research, development and production process for lipolife products.

The partnership with Anglia Ruskin University solidifies an ongoing commitment to excellence and a mission to advance the scope of liposomal encapsulation within nutraceuticals.

Creating new products to meet demands of unmet health needs

The future for us is wide open. And so are the health concerns of the population. We want to be the bridge between the rising and exclusive costs of wellness products and the declining picture of health across the UK. Our knowledge, expertise and drive can only be a positive step to evolve the application of liposomal supplements. For us it’s not about consumer vanity, but actually helping those who may need us the most.

What does this mean for Anglia Ruskin?

Realising the practical applications of research scaled formulations
Research and studies in an academic laboratory setting are interesting and important work. Seeing the practical and commercial applications of this work is not often something that academic teams can afford. The partnership has allowed ARU to reach these levels of understanding, without having to pay for scaling up trials or industry production, invest in companies or lose staff to corporate contracts.
Continuous testing

Being able test the market to see which formulations work and which don’t, has also meant that within days the academic team can report back in real time, how the market responds to the science. This partnership allows the science to live, breath and provide applicable feedback to further understand how liposomal technologies perform to make the lives of our customers healthier.

What does the future look like?

New products

With the partnership firmly in place, we will be creating new products. We have already outlined key areas in the product pipeline where we will develop our understanding of how formulating products using liposomal technology can improve all areas of the body.

New Science
With this live feedback loop, we can contribute to the chemical understanding of what works and what doesn’t. As a partnership team we can quickly discover if an academic theory has practical application and has market value.
New applications of liposomal tech

Bringing on these capabilities has proved instrumental in being able to advance not only product line, but further the understanding of what we can do with liposomal technology. Establishing trust in the nutraceutical market is our greatest priority, but we have an eye on the future and will be seeking out new ways in which to use the technology to overcome unmet health needs.

ARU researchers have and will continue to develop, analyse and provide knowledge of liposomal formulations to allow lipolife to adopt new product designs and scale up productivity.
The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme has been co-funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) through Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, and lipolife. It is being co-ordinated by ARU’s Research and Development Office.

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