AquaLOX is a water-soluble version of one of the world’s best-selling joint health ingredients, 5-LOXIN.

5-LOXIN® has been clinically demonstrated to improve joint comfort and protect against cartilage degradation. 

A novel Boswellia serrata extract enriched with 30% 3-O-acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid (AKBA), AquaLOX exhibits potential anti-inflammatory properties by inhibiting the 5-lipoxygenase enzyme.

It has been the subject of 13 pre-clinical studies and 2 human clinical trials.

One of the key features of 5-LOXIN in any formulation is the clinical work that has demonstrated efficacy starting at 7 days – at a significantly lower dose (100 mg) than other joint health ingredients. This fast efficacy and low dose allow 5-LOXIN to compete with non-natural or over-the-counter solutions.

Beyond joint comfort and flexibility improvements, 5-LOXIN also positively impacts biological markers associated with joint health and inflammation, including TNFa, CRP, and IL-6. It was also shown to significantly inhibit matrix metalloproteinase (MMP-3), an enzyme that breaks down cartilage, collagen and connective tissues.

Pharmacokinetic Study Shows AquaLOX Matches 5-LOXIN

In a RDBC crossover clinical trial, healthy adults took either 40 mg AquaLOX (31.2 mg AKBA) or 100 mg 5-LOXIN (30 mg AKBA) in a random order on separate occasions. The results for AUC0-∞ (Area under the curve) showed that similar amounts of total AKBA were absorbed with each product. This demonstrated that the new product form was a highly efficient way of delivering the primary active ingredient.

Aqualox combines naturally effective botanicals with cutting-edge science for the most effective AKBA source, and the greatest benefits to musculo-skeltal health. 

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