Discovered in 1900, Carnosine is a small dipeptide molecule made up of the amino acids beta alanine and histidine. It has been heralded as the most exciting anti-aging nutrient ever discovered.


Carnosine is found almost exclusively in meat.


Brain Function

Tissue Repair

Carnosine is present throughout the body, wherever there are high energy demands such as in the brain, the heart and our muscles. Its function is to protect these vital areas from the metabolic demands of energy production and management. A typical red meat meal may provide 250 mg of carnosine but this is quickly degraded in the body by the carnosinase enzyme. What this means is that even if a person relied on red meat for their carnosine, it would not last long enough in the body to provide sustained protective effects. Supplementation with 1000 mg a day of carnosine overwhelms the carnosinase enzyme, thus enabling the body to maintain consistent blood levels of this critical nutrient.

Carnosine is useful in the human body because of its capability of affecting so many different types of tissue. Growing scientific interest in longevity-boosting compounds has led to ground-breaking new research on Carnosine. Highly concentrated in the brain and muscle, Carnosine is a natural antioxidant and glycation-fighting nutrient whose levels in the body naturally decline with age.
Carnosine was found to lower excessive immune responses in patients who have overactive immune systems. At the same time, Carnosine increased the immune response in those with under-active immune systems (like the elderly). This dual, regulatory ability of Carnosine makes it a vital tool for people with delicate immune systems, such as those with allergies and autoimmune conditions
Carnosine is produced by the brain and may be an important tool for limiting postoperative cognitive dysfunction. Taking common anaesthetics can often result in an increase in serotonin-derived melanoid (SDM); Carnosine protects against the neurotoxic effects of SDM. Further research has found that Carnosine prevents the swelling, cell death and free radical stress that occurs when the brain is starved of blood and treatment with Carnosine was shown to significantly improve neurological function after a stroke-like event.
In addition to the neuroprotective qualities of Carnosine, one study found that after 3 months of Carnosine supplementation at 500mg/day, patients performed better on verbal episodic memory tests. Similarly, another study demonstrated improved verbal episodic memory in elderly people when they were given a combination of Anserine & Carnosine.
A cell study found that Carnosine increased the ability of human skin and blood vessel cells to function optimally in the presence of high glucose. Therefore, Carnosine may be an important tool for encouraging wound healing in groups who typically have high blood sugars, particularly the elderly and diabetics.
Carnosine’s multiple and interrelated mechanisms of action mean that it can provide benefits to cells and tissues throughout the body that would otherwise succumb to the pathologic effects of aging.

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