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lipolife liposomal supplements are designed to ensure your body absorbs as much of the nutrient as possible.


It is hard to downplay the extraordinary capabilities of a liposome. Oral liposomes can be instantly absorbed into circulation which results in significantly higher absorption than other, widely available supplements.


Your stomach acid has a pH only slightly higher than battery acid!

A liposome is a protective bubble comprised of phospholipids, the very same phospholipids which make up human cells.

The liposome helps to protect nutrients, as the body recognises the phospholipid material, enhancing absorption by improving the miscibility of encapsulated nutrients.

Liposomal Vitamin C, D3 and K2 plus Zinc

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What makes

lipolife different?


You want to know the people making your liposomal supplements are experts in liposomals. That’s us. We don’t use third party contract manufacturers. Ever. We are the specialists.


A liposomal formula must meet strict QC checks before going to market. We use advanced liposomal characterisation techniques to guarantee quality formulations.


Our processes are designed with sustainability in mind. We want our products, supply chain, marketing to be fair, create the least drain on resources and environment and take care of our people.


lipolife supplements were created with the sole purpose of providing clean, quality, effective liposomal supplements. Manufactured in the UK by highly skilled and respected experts.


We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Carbon Neutral Britain to measure and offset our carbon footprint, to become certified as a Carbon Neutral Business.


A quality liposomal formula requires quality ingredients. By using Quali-C, Setria, Lipoid and other premium raw materials, we are showcasing our commitment to excellence.


In partnership with Anglia Ruskin University, we have been awarded a prestigious KTP grant. This highly contested grant is presented to companies demonstrating the extraordinary potential for innovation in their field.


All our products are suitable for vegans.

Our oath to our customers is to continue optimising their health and wellbeing, helping them to reach their goals.

Swearing excellence in everything we do.

We are experts in our field, backed by a decade of experience and highly respected academics.

We lead by example

Go-getters who never shout about the solution without sharing the proof. We ask why and why not, to build on learnings and fully optimise health through supplements.
lipolife liposomal supplements

Rarely does a brand come to the market that shifts standards, implements a vision and redefines all existing quality markers.

lipolife is that brand



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Legitimate Liposomes

When is a liposome not a liposome? (hint, it has nothing to do with viscosity!)...
asked questions

A liposomal supplement is when the nutrient is encapsulated in lipids to allow for greater absorption by the body. A liposome is a nano-sized bubble comprised of phospholipids, the same phospholipids which make up human cells. Oral liposomes can be absorbed at any point and largely protect the nutrient from the harsh gut environment. When a liposome reaches its destination in the body, the nutrient contents are delivered, as the liposome merges with the cells or tissues.

Studies prove that supplementing nutrients via liposomal delivery results in much higher absorption into the body. The higher absorption means greater dispersion and bioavailability, allowing the nutrient to reach the targeted cells and tissues. Research carried out by lipolife found LVC2 resulted in at least a 200% increase in nutrient delivery in comparison with standard oral supplements.

The beauty of a liposome is that it can encapsulate both fat and water-soluble contents. This allows for therapeutic dosing of water-soluble vitamins such as C and B12 alongside creating bioavailable Curcumin or Glutathione, both of which are typically poorly absorbed from regular supplements.

Once opened, it is best to consume your product within 3 months.  Our stability testing has shown the majority of our products do retain stability for up to 12 months with very little loss of the active ingredient.

No, mixing the product with a smoothie or cool liquid will not affect the liposomes however, once mixed, it should be consumed promptly to avoid oxidation.

You should not mix your lipolife® product in a hot drink as this will destroy the liposomes.

For maximum absorption, lipolife® should be taken on an empty stomach but the time of day is down to personal preference.

Yes, all lipolife® formulas are gluten free.

Yes, all lipolife® products are suitable for vegans.

lipolife are a brand of liposomal supplements researched, developed and manufactured in the UK by our own in-house specialists. 

This is a question we are asked frequently, which is probably why we have included it in our FAQ! The bottles we use are PET. These bottles are fully recyclable, and are made from recycled material. We have conducted extensive tests to ensure no “leaching” occurs; these bottles are of a pharmaceutical standard. We are researching steps to go fully plastic-free and we remain committed to our Carbon Neutral status and sustainable manufacturing process.

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