An in-depth analysis of Lipolife® Gold Liposomal Vitamin C.


Research conducted by an Independent Laboratory in November 2016.








Based on the results, the following conclusions can be drawn with respect to Lipolife’s® Vitamin C liposomes.

  1. The ascorbic acid:phospholipid molar ratio is 6.4;
  2. The liposomes have a diameter of ~200 nm;
  3. The size of the liposomes is homogeneous, particularly at (near-) neutral pH;
  4. Liposome size is minimally affected by acidic pH in the short term;
  5. The liposomes are stable at 4 °C, room temperature and body temperature (37°C) for at least 36 days in terms of size and size distribution, regardless of the atmosphere (oxygen-rich versus oxygen-poor);
  6. The vitamin C liposomes neutralise free radicals and oxidants;
  7. The antioxidant capacity is marginally reduced after 36 day storage at room temperature and moderately reduced after storage at 37°C.  Storage at 4°C fully preserves the antioxidative capacity of the formulation for at least 36 days. Accordingly, the product should preferably be stored under an oxygen-poor (e.g., nitrogen-rich) atmosphere;
  8. The vitamin C liposomes kill cultured cancer cells derived from human bile duct tumours;
  9. The vitamin C liposomes kill and/or arrest the growth of some types of cultured bacteria.

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Independent Lab Analysis of Lipolife Vitamin C


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