Extraordinary Claims
Require Extraordinary Evidence

We’re here to answer your questions about liposomal encapsulation technology and address any concerns you have about our products. 

But more than that, we want to shine a spotlight on the supplement industry and in particular, the quality of liposomal products on the market.  Through our own research, we’ve discovered products for sale in the UK which contain just 3% of the advertised Vitamin C content; products which claim to be liposomal but lack the presence of any liposomes and products which are highly questionable in terms of microbiology.

We will continue putting these products to the test and we encourage you to do the same.

Use the form below to let us know about a product you want us to test and where it is being sold.

How it works

When we receive your request, we will purchase the product (UK only) and schedule the testing.
Our formulation scientists will characterise the following,

        • pH
        • Size
        • PDI
        • Nutrient Assay
        • Declared Ingredients

The criteria are each scored out of five based on the results and pre-determined parameters. Each characteristic carries a percentage weight, which in turn generates the overall product score. 

If further tests are perceived as necessary, our scientists may also analyse lipid assay, microbiology and the presence of non-declared ingredients. Any problems identified here may negatively impact the overall score.

Organoleptic analysis will also be recorded as standard but has no effect on the product score.

What's in your bottle?

Analysis 1

What's in your bottle?

Analysis 2

Find out what's in your bottle, let us investigate!

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